Software Development

Bedrock Mineral Resource Consulting

Software Development

BMRC has an in-house software development division that constantly works on customized software solutions like exploration and mining database, statistical analysis tools, mine equipment scheduler and monitoring software etc. which may positively impact our client’s business.

Data analysis tools allow the user to rapidly understand the characteristics of an ore body. Our in-house exploration data analysis software includes histogram analysis, log probability plots, cumulative distribution functions, correlation matrix, Q-Q plots, box and whisker plots, mean and variance plots to ensure a robust foundation to exploration analysis and resource estimate.

BMRC is backed by a team of qualified software professionals offering:

  • Geological Database Management Systems (with Bankable Level of Security)
  • QAQC Software and Services
  • Exploration Statistical Tools
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cadastral Design
  • Secure Exploration Database with Remote Access