GIS Services

Bedrock Mineral Resource Consulting

GIS Services

BMRC offers a complete range of Geospatial solutions and services. We provide sophisticated GIS Applications and end-to-end solutions in the bdevelopment of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on various platforms and technologies. Our GIS specialists design and implement custom solutions for collecting, processing, analyzing and R&D reporting in a number of services including mapping and exploration, topography and survey, 3D terrain modeling, mine resource management, environmental impact assessment, infrastructure feasibility study etc.

We use the latest GIS and remote sensing technology to target mineral exploration, evaluate mining conditions, model mine construction and display geochemical and hydrological data. The spatial data service involves capture, survey, input, digitize, edit, geocode conversion and translation followed by spatial analysis and modeling. Our experts are experienced in the management, compilation, storage and analysis of data in a variety of GIS software packages like ArcGIS, MapInfo, Global mapper, Q-GIS etc. We maximize the effectiveness of your datasets by presenting them in a format that is easy to view, query and manage and overlay for interpretation.

Services Include

  • Open Pit Mine Design, Optimization, Planning and Scheduling
  • Underground Mine Design, Optimization, Planning and Scheduling
  • Mining geology, Grade Control and Reconciliation
  • Process Engineering
  • Mine infrastructure and Logistics Study