Scopping, Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Studies

Bedrock Mineral Resource Consulting

Scopping, Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Studies

Scoping studies, order of magnitude feasibility studies, or preliminary economic assessment (PEA), is an initial financial appraisal of mineral resource. It involves a preliminary mine plan, and is the basis for determining whether to proceed forward with an exploration program. Preliminary feasibility studies or "pre-feasibility studies" are more detailed. This is the first time an engineering study is undertaken and for this reason it is the first time that reserves can be quoted. It is an opportunity to do trade off studies or several mining and processing scenarios without spending money on a full feasibility study. Detailed feasibility studies are the most comprehensive and will determine definitively whether to proceed with the project. A detailed feasibility study is the basis for capital appropriation, and will provide the budget figures for the project. These require a significant amount of formal engineering work, are accurate to within 10-15 percent and can cost between ½-1½ percent of the total estimated project cost.

The BMRC team has the experience and the capability of conducting comprehensive preliminary economic assessment “PEA” through pre-feasibility studies to definitive feasibility studies. BMRC has an experienced team and close associates to participate in full scale definitive feasibility study as well.

Services Include

  • Environment studies.
  • Ground water studies
  • Geotechnical drilling and geotech studies
  • Metallurgical test work
  • Process design flow sheet
  • Engineering design and Infrastructure Planning
  • Equipment selection
  • Mine planning
  • Cost estimates
  • Scoping studies/ Order of magnitude studies
  • Preliminary feasibility studies
  • Definitive feasibility studies